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To appreciate the full capabilities of this device, you MUST READ the Complete page !

Product Pre-Release. 
Idaho Potato Contest Group.  Proud to announce a first of it's kind device that simplifies  the modern Ham Shack! 
It will improve your operation skills. Compatible with most radios , Collins, Drake, Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec.
PLUS the newest option:  the Smeter-for-ur-BELT «  for the HF impaired.
           Digital Wonder Do-IT-All S-Meter
Using modern technology there's no longer any reason to give false and misleading signal reports, accuracy is
so important during Net and DX operations, plus serious contesters can rest assured they are giving the correct
report for every QSO !  Its an absolute must for  WAS nets,  this S-meter insures a good contact every time!

Just position the Digital Wonder Do-IT-All S-Meter  close to your rig, it's like magic.
What's the secret ?
massive quantities of  high speed silicon devices (1N4148's) that couple the
electron's flow in your rig's AGC circuit  to the S-Meter.   Fool Proof, A must for serious operator, 
order Today April 1st. and get the  Dayton Discount   (see pricing / options)


  Русский язык

If it seems too good to be true you probably aren't spending enough time on the air.


Shown in DX SSB mode, working a DX pileup.   Simple, Sleek, complements any rig !

for the CW contester - The USB interface couples the S-Meter to your keyer, just push the button, ur keyer does the rest.

WAS mode:  during a typical 80 meter "worked all states net"  non-contact.  Here's is the dialog:   
I never heard the station calling, the Net Control yelled "over",   I pressed the button, gave the report.
The net control was extremely pleased that I had the correct report, he excitedly exclaimed  "it's a good contact" ?
Is this great or what ?? It's so easy,  no guess work - now I'm getting a QSL card from someone ??  It's a surprise.    
It can't get better than this ?   10-4
(see price list for the  Bang Bang voice module)

This S-meter handles 6 of the toughest operating conditions, from casual DXing to CW contests. 
Never give an incorrect RST again.
  Just think ! Above you've  seen 3 of the 6 modes in action.
This Cutting Edge device makes the County Hunters Mode as smooth as the WAS mode, for working & confirming stations you can't hear.  same as FT-8   
Its mindlessly simple !  

JUST ADDED,  Still in the prototype stage.
After receiving hundreds of emails telling us we omitted
the fastest growing segment of the ham population,  Here it is , the Smeter-for-ur-BELT « .
when released, it will include a 500 foot roll of duct tape, and a belt clip!
here's several pictures of the prototype, ready for a field test!                        Picture #2:  copying a repeater CW ID.
the ultimate addition to your GO Kit ?   "never leave home without it" Newington approved






Now a message from the Quality Assurance Team at Dayton.
 Warning :
  Health Disclaimer.
Using this S-Meter can cause dizziness, shortness of breath,  fast heart rate, high contest scores, and possible death !
The Idaho Potato Contest Group is not responsible for any damage to your equipment  if you stay in the contest  for more than 4 hours.            Seek immediate medical help !



$599 Digital wonder S-meter  
$99   USB contest keyer interface
$22   Bang Bang Voice module  for WAS mode, opt 22 
free   Eqsl interface,   opt ěěě  (considered useless)
operating with this S-meter      $ priceless



option 005   LID Filter
option 10-4  a Chrome Cabinet , for those 10-4 good buddy boys.
option 178   Audio Recovery System , removes unwanted HiFi audio distortion.
                  the closer you tune to 14.178 mHz,  the harder it works to clean up the audio distortion.

Orders UR's Now,  free shipping and the Dayton Discount $599,
order at this email
No Delivery date has been determined.

This is pre release information, 
From the IPCG Think Tank.
Making everyday on Ham Radio a Celebration
Turn your radio on !.


(operating instructions)
1. select your operating mode.
2. Press the button , give the report
3. confirm UR QSO via Eqsl ??







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