Just how STUPID can it get ??

Our friend Ozzy Osburne once proclaimed for Sprint ..   How Many   G's  do we need ??

NOW Ozzy wants to know, 
How Many 
memory channels do we need  ??
I've only got so many brain cells

The radio manufactures must think the average ham needs a lot ..

Have we lost our minds ?
here's a few examples  !!

FT1dr            holly cow 2400   read my lips  2400 memories ??
As stated on the Yaesu link: 
""The FT1DR includes 1266 channel memories; 24 100-channel memory banks; memory TAG up to 16 characters..""      LINK

I'm not sure how to decipher this , what is 24 x 100,   2400 or 1266 ??
This radio also doubles as a can opener, it makes Julian potatoes,, and picks up AM radio ,,, WOW

Mr Yaesu, we have met the enemy ! and he must be u !

BUT WAIT  ! - There's more   

vx8gr   with 1327       how does that work  1327 ??

And here's Mr.  Icom trying to keep up with the Yaesu's

IC-51a boosting  1304      those 4 extras make it better .


IC-T70A  with only a puny 302 memories               vx3r    only 1000    how could you survive.            ftm-400r   1000 memories  , everyone needs at least two ?

thd72a  with 1000                              tmv71a  with 1000

and I haven't even mentioned all those cheap Chinese ht's


Might I ask a question, did Einstein actually say this ??
But its on the internet , so it must be true !!!

As Forrest Gump said
"stupid is as, stupid does"

And lastly, a rhetorical question
10-4 Good Buddy ?