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the above is a link about Henry Radio,   I think that one page write-up has some errors, 

For one,  I don't think, well I'm sure there was NO  MARS during  WW2,
I got my s- line from Henry radio in Anaheim California  in the early 1970's   while I was stationed at
Edwards AFB.

Walt Henry ran that store,   once he found out you were a GI,  he was your friend,   He was a WW2 and career
Navy officer.   I don't think he gave me much of a discount on the S-Line I bought from him,,, BUT

I need a PTO for my KWM-1 that I used in Thailand ,  he went into the back room and liberated one from
a basket case radio..   it was free,  

another error in the story on the link above, is about them selling stereo equipment  and TV's  ,  When I was going
to Henry's in the early 70's  Walt had a complete showroom of mostly HI End audio equipment,  

at any rate,  Henry Radio, was a great place of hams,   on store being in Butler, Mo,  the other two in the LA area.