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A quick word about antennas
,       First, new hams, antennas are what make the radios work,  even a dipole out side is OK,  maybe a trapped vertical , 
Not the best but better than nothing !  If your cowering down to your HOA,  sorry, time to either move or put something up and make them take it down ?
I learned years ago,   don't ask,,  just do it .

---------------------  below are some pictures of my antennas,                                         

I use (mostly) Hy-Gain antennas,  I guess I am old fashioned , I had a TH3mk3 in Holland (picture below)  - sold it when I moved back to the states.
Got another one in Omaha - sold that one too, and another one here in Pocatello, which i sold when I got a deal on a 204BA, and a
103BA  20 meter and 10 meter mono-banders..,  I use along with a TH-7DXX. & 64DX for six meters.

I have had three occasions when Hy-Gain went "WAY" out of their way to keep
me happy,, in fact,  it was done with a smile and completely FREE. A great bunch
of people. That was when they were still in Nebraska, . now that MFJ purchased them, I can't say for sure  the same service
would be free, however, their antennas are built to last a thousand years.. and are
not too expensive.. with good ratings. 

I am guessing I will be using a Hy-Gain until I die.   I recommend these antennas.


I would also like to say that I use Cornell-Dubilier, CDE,  then purchased by Hy-gain, then MFJ .
I think these rotors are to expensive, But name one that isn't toooo expensive ??
They work and work and work,  hardly ever need maintenance. and you can get parts at a fair price   
I've used HAM-M's ,  ham-2 , ham-3, ham-4's , they are all interchangeable, built to last,  unlike some of the other JA  rotors
buy a Ham-4 , live long and prosper ,, 

by the way, I don't work for MFJ, or Hy-Gain,  I just like their antennas

Heres my 204BA     and a TH7DXX  and  64DX for 6 meters,  The 204 was sold and  was replaced with a 13 element 2 meter and 11 element 432 beam

looking west from my QTH.   city of Pocatello Idaho in the back ground    TH7DXX and 64DX

I might explain about EMMA MINE, that entire coal mine complex, along with most of the old mine properties have been 'bulldozed" FLAT,
and houses and business have been built on the property, The only thing left is a small monument on the street that tells about the mine. 
some of the buildings that NATO  , AFCENT was located in were to the right side of the mine complex...  I can't tell you exactly which buildings,
they were all solid concrete buildings, built to last 10,000  years,  GONE,   .

This is a TH3 MK3  and on top was an FM broadcast antenna, I loved Disco ,  it was very alive and dancing all over Europe in the 70's...
with that 6 or 7 element FM antenna , I could hear lots of German stations,  Belgium Stations and Holland,   I don't think I could here
Luxemburg on FM,  but on AM there were broadcasting with Tons' of power and could be heard very well in my car at night,
could I say , what a great time it was to be young and living in South Limburg Holland ..


A little hard to see,  

top to bottom big tower
103BA, 66DX,  some sort of 2 meter (KLM??) and the 204      
short tower all non hy-gain 15 meter cushcraft and 2 meters, 6meter ground plane
at my first house in Pocatello


At  my second house in pocatello ,   14334 Promise Lane,   my hygain 204 and 103, and the cushcraft 4 element 15,, at 50 feet
in the back was my VHF antennas   6 and 2 meter,  I fed both antennas with 75 ohm  cable TV hard line about 1/2 inch.
on the VHF antennas there were remote power amps and preamps  ,,     WORKED really good,


want to work the Space Shuttle for a jr. hi School,,,  got'a have antennas
on the roof of Franklin Jr Hi, Pocatello idaho   k0ip on the right

Kansas, Parents back yard,  installed in maybe 1966  antenna removed and relocated to Edwards AFB , ca in 1972
this was a Hornet..  it had carpet beater ends (look close)


Hornet and 11 element 2 meter on roof of my Barracks,   Edwards AFB  

Got'a have antennas  .. even on top of Mt. Whitney, Highest peak in the 48 states,,       note 2 meter beam on  the right ,,
rock bound , only a few frequencies. Me and my two Ham Buddies from Edwards , had a ball driving the hams nuts, telling them we
had worked out a deal with the government to install a 34/94 repeater on the top,,    what hand ringing that caused  HI