Back to KIP ham history page Camp Funston, Kansas My grandfather was an army doctor during the 1918 flu, see this page for documents and pictures. war bond
My GrandFather,  He died before WW2 , he died long before I was born, so I never meet him.

HARRY ROSS WILSON born in Chanute Kansas in 1878 died in1939 buried in Chanute, Kansas Cemetery. Married 

KETURAH JANE KERR born August 29,1882 in Iowa. Died December 2, 1961 Buried in Shawnee Kansas Cemetery. 

They had four children. Harry Ross Wilson was a physician received his degree from the University of Chicago.
He met Keturah  when she was studying nursing. He serviced as a doctor in the US Army WWI, 
stationed at Camp Funston,  Kansas. During the Flu epidemic.   HE was a small town doctor in Williamsburg
and a few other Kansas towns, settling Shawnee Kansas .  Doctoring the sick during the great depression,  he died poor.  

You've probably seen this picture from 1918       
Harry Wilson could be in this picture somewhere, ??  
what we do know is that  he was somewhere on Camp Funston, Kansas                                          This Receipt is for a War Bond he purchased --1918

for more info about the flu, where it started "kansas" and more see this link  or see bottom of this page.

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about the FLU  in 1918    from Fold3 web.  this info about the second wave of the flu during  Sept, Oct and Nov along with my grandfathers
war bond purchase OCT18, 1918, puts him at ground Zero..  

I wonder if he caught it and survived ???   A personal Story : One story relayed by my 95 year old
mother from Harry's wife Keturah,  Harry told her the troops were dying so fast they just stacked them up outside, in the cold,  until the morgue could take care
of them at a later time,,   I have no idea how long they might have been frozen in the Kansas winter.. How times change,   however per this article
over 100 Million died..   Even with the world population what it is today,  100 million would be devastating. what a sad and scary time it must have been.


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