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in YELLOW  general ham radio activities of k0ip
in BLUE  contests with friends, W1AW
in GREEN, mostly personal pictures,
and at the bottom
in GRAY, is the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club stuff.

IF YOUR Here for the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club   Click Here (PARC)

Amateur Radio Adventures


356 photos,
Mostly HAM RADIO Pictures

58 plus years of every crazy radio thing you can think of  !! 


479 photos
BIG TRIP 2008, ON8PO and K0IP, a road trip looking for surplus radios, and adventure, Dayton, Kansas, Washington, Dave Ross,
So California, AZ and more
8334 miles. Hams check this out !!

87 photos
Belgium 2007, Surplus radios,
Dutch SRS field Day, Dutch Flea Market, a ride in N511VA his jet power helicopter.. With my friend ON8PO ..  ex PA0RTN  


KIP  John Wilson
from 1962 to present
k0ip changed my call 1999
wa0dyu  1963
wn0dyu  1962
PA9VW  Holland    1973-4
HS6ADE Thailand   1970
WPE0ANT  before 1962

23 photos
k0ip - Space Shuttle 1995 - big event at Franklin Jr, Hi,  Pocatello Idaho

63 photos
k0ip - 2010 - NP2B CQWW  SSB USVI


29  photos
k0ip - with my friend W0DEL,  cleaning the
garage, 2007 Shawnee, Kansas


9 photos
k0ip - W7RRS - K7DRF - k0yly - k0ij  Orlando Fl, Hamfest 2006


my trip to DisneyLand EAST  , 
 it was a good one, 
some ham radio, mostly a bit of everything

USAF, During my time with NATO
Hoensbroek NL
some ham radio, mostly a bit of everything

USAF, Edwards
some ham radio, mostly a bit of everything

HF Contests (various contests) Contests Contests Contests


k0ip - W1AW at my Shack, A big year and thousands of contacts.
Pictures of all the PARC
members that helped make it possible.

25 Photos
Idaho Potato Contest Group -2012



16 Photos
Idaho Potato Contest Group - 2011



8 Photos
Idaho Potato Contest Group - 2010



27 Photos
Idaho Potato contest Group - 2009
with FD, and 204BA, Big Signal



24 photos
K0IP & W4OV VHF Contest - DN42 -2007 - Sedgwick
My             Last year for mountain topping, No propagation, 5 stations on e-skip. almost wrecked my Astro Van, operated from inside cell a building.

6 Photos
N7IJ & K0IP VHF Contest
DN42 - 2004 - Sedgwick -
Lava Hot Springs
almost froze,
abandoned outside operation
moved into the VW BUS, 
Tight and cozy ??

N7IJ & K0IP VHF contest -
DN42 - 2003 - Sedgwick -
Lava Hot Springs
A very good year , warm,

15 photos
VHF contest DN-32
Malad FAA site - 2002
snow , cold, wind, 
Help K9GP - N7YYY

16 photos
VHF contest - DN32 - Scout Mt. - 2001
Help K7DRF


VHF Contest  N7IJ & K0IP
Sand Dunes - DN34 - ~1980's?  7 pictures

Other Wilson topics Other Wilson topics Other Wilson topics Other Wilson topics Other Wilson topics

my trip to DisneyLand EAST  , 
it was a good one,  HS6ADE


Elektor - Elektuur Publishers,  a place I worked 1976-1978  Beek, South Limburg ,  Holland

Trip to GrandMa's - 2007 - Shawnee, Kansas
it was Hot,

Places I've worked. Union Pacific Railroad, 1977 to 2007 , various places and people I worked with.

Our Furry Family Members over the years

John - Pat - Jennifer, Christmas card pictures
41 photos


Around our house  2015,  various
105 photos

Places I've Lived,,, Start to finish 

Cruise 2010  Aruba - with Patrico

Cruise 2008

HomeBuilders Show Orlando- Bush Gardens

35 photos  (more being added)
k0ip Places I've been
Places I've Lived

Movie-Mite Projector , 
my uncle invented this
as a light weight alternative to the bigger projectors like B&H, Ampro, etc

Pictures of military radios that have passed through my hands,  MORE TO COME

TBX-8 WW2 field radio, used by the Navajo Indian Code Talkers, There are lots of these radio's still around, but the AC supply, was very Rare find.

a picture tribute to my Uncle, 
and my friend
Wilson Fremont Jones jr.  Buddy !

Clena Wilhannah Jones (Wilson) 1919 -2023  a real Kansas Girl
She loved Kansas and Shawnee !!

Charles Francis Wilson 1914-1999

Pocatello Amateur Radio Club Pocatello Amateur Radio Club Pocatello Amateur Radio Club Pocatello Amateur Radio Club Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
  Pocatello Amateur Radio Club Pocatello Amateur Radio Club Pocatello Amateur Radio Club Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Pocatello Amateur Radio Club



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There is a lot of info about the camera, f stops, shutter speeds, dates, etc,  most pictures taken before the mid 1980's were on 35 mm slides and transferred to digital. so that information isn't correct.

John Wilson